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Directors: Frank Spano, Guillermo Barcenas

Writers: Frank Spano

Producers: Frank Spano / Garra Films, Guillermo Barcenas / Voltage Films, Tvn Filmes

Country: Panama

Languages: Spanish, English

Feature Film | Documentary | Action



This documentary portrays three athletes from different extreme sports and the journey of their lives. The hustles, the efforts and the sacrifices will determine the path in which these champions risk their lives to represent their beloved Latin America. Three sportsmen together to disclose a “Hidden” land - because some secrets have to be disclosed in order to achieve a bigger benefit. Three natural elements: air, water, and land. A skydiver with over 3,000 jumps who barely survived a near fatal crash, and prepares himself to jump again. A surfer with over 13 National Championships and a Guinness World Record for the longest wave ridden, over three hours in the Panama Canal. A record he looks to set once again. A motocross champion for 10 straight years, who left his business and family behind to pursue his dream of becoming an international champion in USA. An untouched land, unbeknownst to the extreme world, is the showcase to discover Latin America in all its splendor.

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