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Directed by: Paulo Wenceslau Duarte

Production: Inteligência Audiovisual

Coproduction: FM Produções

Executive producer: Paulo Domingues, Paulo Wenceslau Duarte and Aline Bortolassi

Associate producer: Fernando Muniz

Cast: Elídio Sanna, Luanna Chiarelli and Daniel Nascimento

Special participation: Anselmo Vasconcelos, Marcelo Mansfield, Zé Vasconcelos and Helena Samara

Distribution: FM Produções 



It's carnival in Brazil. The young João Pedro, best friend of Anídio, wants to hook up with the naif Rayane, who comes from Bahia to São Paulo obsessed with the idea of ​​getting a "gringo" boyfriend. Anídio has a "brilliant" plan to help his friend to conquer his cousin: João Pedro will pretend to be American, although he doesn't know how to speak English. In Anídio's plan this detail is irrelevant because Rayane doesn't speak anything in "american" either. The plan seems perfect, but to succeed, João Pedro will have to hide the plan from his father, an arabian inmigrant antiamerican known for his simple nickname,  "The Bomb Man".


Festival Cinevideo Lawn 2008 - Best Independent Brazilian Documentary 

Recine Festival 2009 - Rio de Janeiro - Best Film - Jury

Film Festival Santa Maria / RS - 2009 - Best Documentary, Best Film Festival and Best Editing

Cine Ceará - Northeast Shows, Movies and Cangaço -2008

Brasilia Film Festival - 2008

Cine Documents - Shows Documentary Film Ipatinga - 2009

Iberoamerican Festival of Film and Video - Cinesul - 2009

Shows Wansbeck - Film and Video Festival - 2009

International Short Film Festival SP - Kinoforum - 2009


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