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Direction and Script: Edson Soares Do Nascimento 

Production: Engady Cine Video

Coproduction: FM Produções

Leading actors: Leonardo Miggiorin e Anselmo Vasconcellos

Cast: Marcelia Cartaxo, Roney Villela, Charles ParaventiAndré di Mauro, Joana Fomm, Fernando Muniz

Film Length: 84 min

Feature Film | Fiction

Status: In Post-production


The arrival of the West Indian Companies to Natal (BRAZIL) in XVII century is just the beginning of this violent story that pushes Bernarda and her family to run away from the city and from the invasion. In the Potengi Mill she meets the foreman's son Rafael. Immediately they discover a passionate love that will give them the force to try to survive during those violent years triggered by Jacob Rabbí, a German assigned by Prince Mauricio de Nassau to command the conquest.




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