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Directed by: 300ml

Cast: Selton Mello, Seu Jorge, Ralph Ineson, Martin Dosh, Fabiano Canosa

Producer: Zohar Cinema, Ananã Produções

Coproducer: FM Produções

Available countries: All one, except Brazil and Portuguese language countries.

Feature Film | Fiction 




The photographer Cris (Selton Mello) travels to a polar research station, where he intends to perform selfies for an art exhibition. His idea is to reproduce in images the sensations caused by the songs of a playlist selected for the experience. Once there, he will be surprised by completely different worldviews, in the company of four scientists who are dedicated to grandious projects: Cao (Seu Jorge), Brazilian botanist who investigates the flora in extreme situations; the British Mark (Ralph Ineson), a specialist in global warming; the Chinese biologist Huang (Thomas Chaanhing) and the Danish researcher Rafnar (Lukas Loughran). Together, they will discover new points of view about life and art.


Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro 2018:
Cinematography by: Felipe Reinheimer
Visual Effects: Diego Morone, Luciano Neves e Luiz Adriano



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