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Directed by: Pedro Amorim
Production: Panda Filmes

Coproduction: FM Produções, Vison and ADB
Cast: André de Biasi, Kadu Moliterno, Luisa Arraes, Jonas Torres, Catarina Abdala, Ney Latorraca, Marcelo Adnet, Nara Gil.
Featuring: Andréa Beltrão as Zelda Scott
Feature film | Adventure
120 min.


With much adrenaline and humor, Juba and Lula meet again in 2019, 30 years after the collapse of the Unlimited Frame, to save Lula's mother and free him from prison for stealing a valuable picture. The adventure begins when Lula suffers a car accident while fleeing a gang of gangsters specializing in theft and forgery of works of art. After a month in a coma, Lula wakes up thinking that it is in 1989, when Unlimited Armor still existed, with Juba, Zelda and Bacana. Now Lula needs to recover his memory, rebuild his friendship with Juba, and convince him to face the dangers of a mission to rescue his mother - kidnapped by the mafiosi - and solve the mystery of the theft of the painting.

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