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Directed by: Carlos de Andrade

Script: Carlos de Andrade

Production: Visom Digital

Co-Production: FM Produções

Distribuition: FM Produções

Narration: Pedro Bial 
10-Episode Documental series | 45 min

Status: Under Development



Brazil's most known musical genre, Bossa Nova, turns 60 years old in 2018. Some of the most renowned Brazilian musicians trace the steps of this musical genre that has positioned Brazil among the most influential in universal music. A show that will tell the trajectory of the BN from its beginnings bringing together it’s best authors, musicians and the most successful compositions. A kind of "Buena Vista Social Club" of BN. As special guests, names like Roberto Menescal, João Donato, Leny Andrade, Marcos Valle, Carlos Lyra, Edu Lobo, Toquinho, etc. In addition to a band of 14 musicians, veterans and new, will play the traditional keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, guitar, and also have piston, sax / flute, cello, vocalists, etc. The show will feature a video narrative, which will rescue interviews with the great names of already deceased (Tom Jobim, Vinicius, Nara, etc.) as well as artists such as Caetano, Gil, etc. And more personalities from other areas of our culture.

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