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Directed by: Marcos Pimenta
Written by: Fred Klumb, Dani Reule and Marcos Pimenta
Screenplay: Daniela Braga, Ju Pimenta and Marcos Pimenta
Production: FM Produções
Co-production: Digital Visom and Potato Head Entertainment
Cast: Letícia Spiller, Francisca Queiroz, Viviane Araújo, Renata Castro Barbosa, Ary Coslov, Isio Ghelman, Anselmo Vasconcellos, Bia Steele, Samuel Toledo, Patrícia Pinho, Guilherme Magon and others.
Special participation: Ailton Graça
Running Time: 90 min
Feature film | Psychological Thriller
Project Status: In Capture



After the disappearance of his wife, Katarina, the dentist Leonardo finds himself forced to rebuild his life. He has a troubled relationship with his father, a surgeon colonel in the army. Flirting with alcohol and drugs, he sees in the prostitute, Kelly the moment to vent his problems. His social apathy is further shaken when the women of his life are successively murdered. What would you do if you were the biggest suspect?
In this context the competent delegate Dora investigates to elucidate the case.
A lonely man, a meticulous psychopath, and a stubborn delegate.
A revenge without limits!


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