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  • Screenplay, Director and Editing: Paula Gaitán

  • Production Company: Aruac Filmes

  • Coproduction Company: Pique-Bandeira Filmes

  • Associate Production Company: FM Produções

  • Feature Film / 255 Minutes / 2020

  • Cast: Carloto Cotta, Clara Choveaux, Kanu Kuikuro, Maíra Senise, Begê Muniz, Arrigo Barnabé, Vincenzo Amato, Daniel Passi, Erik Martincues, Nilton Amazonas, John Scott-Richardson, Jack Manley, Vitor Peruare, Carolina Virgüez, Paulo Nazareth



A young man of indigenous ancestry leaves, where he lives in the North, to rediscover the history of his people in the heart of South America. As he rediscovers the memory of his ancestors, he dreams with the history of the conquers and the decadence of white men. In a transformative journey of nature, men and light, there is an intersection between these multiple universes and an essay on the complex territories and people of the Americas. "Light in the Tropics" is a triptych about the march of humanity through time and space.

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