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Directed by: Marco Schiavon 

Production: FM Produções

Feature film| Horror


In 1972, Mauro and Ana live in a distant place, isolated from civilization, without electricity and without any contact with the outside world, living of what they harvest from the property. Mauro is a writer who went on to live in an eternal process of creating a disturbing book for him and his wife because of its content, which involves fears of the present and traumas of the past of both. The couple have a mysterious son who lives locked in a room of the house and never leaves. They have all become prisoners of a worn relationship and a nebulous and traumatic past.
One night a beautiful, seductive girl, Virginia, knocks on the door of their house, asking for shelter, claiming to be running from her violent husband. Mauro is fascinated, because this strange woman has great physical and psychological similarities with the protagonist of the book in which he is working, but Ana becomes jealous and distrustful, thinking that she can be a spy of the guerrillas or the military that hunts her husband. Mauro will use the book he is writing to manipulate the mind of Anna and Virginia, triggering intense conflicts and surprising revelations that involve tragic secrets from the past of Mauro, Ana, her mysterious son and Virginia.

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