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Directed by: Rodolfo Pereira

Script by: Rodolfo Pereira

Production: October Films (Peru), FM Produções (Brasil), Tarkemoto S.L. (Espanha)

Distribution: O2 Filmes

Cast (intended): Henry Ian Cusick, Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Carol Castro e Carolina Virguez

Duration: 90 min

Feature Film | Fiction


Trailer and teaser on Vimeo:


Two foreign journalists go to the mountains of Peru in search of two of their colleagues in Lima, missing while covering the execution of a massacre on the heights of Ayacucho.
Along the way, the correspondents will encounter a hitherto unknown country, separated by violent clashes between clandestine armed groups and whose existence nobody knew.
The discovery of the truth will change their lives completely.

2020 04 23 CURFEW Poster Esp.jpg
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