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Direction: Paulo Duarte

Production: FM Produções / Reza Brava Filmes

Cast: Binho Beltrão, Kadu Moliterno, Ronny Kriwat, Camila Camargo, Bia Arantes, Bruno Gissoni, Lucas Cordeiro, Felipe Haiut, Rafael Dugrin, Clarice Niskier, Mariana Costantini, Roney Villela, Monica Alvarenga, Fernando Muniz e Nedira Campos.

Feature Filme |Fiction 


Cide is an 18-year-old boy, loose, daring and sometimes somber, who is part of a Rock Band, with his friends. They usually meet in the bedroom of the inseparable Malraux, the son of a liberal hippie couple. They all smoke marijuana and like strong emotions, and they consider Cide the bad example to be followed, the source of inspiration capable of getting them out of the mediocre life they lead. At a wedding party, he meets Alice, the bride's teenage sister, as soon as he lays his eyes on her, a different feeling is awakened, a strange feeling he had hitherto unknown. Alice, who is still a virgin, initially doesn't give in to Cide's harassment, but when she does, she panics and screams, then they're caught by Alice's father, a powerful Chinese. Cide is charged with rape and arrested. But this is only the beginning for the unexpected changes that will happen in his life, things that even he would never think to live.

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