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Leaping Cat


Created by: Alan Miranda & Vinnicius Morais

Awarded by FICTV + CULTURA in 2009



Leaping Cat, besides being the name of an acrobatic movement of Capoeira is also a term used for ideas that arise and resolve seemingly intractable problems.

The series is about the daily lives of Alan and his friends, young  and poor people who have in common the fact they are Master Solis disciples, mentor who helps them facing their problems and meeting the challenges of life by learning the philosophy of Capoeira in suburb of Salvador (Bahia - Brazil).

Alan started in Capoeira because of a mild flirtation, but the philosophy of this art is the basis of an odyssey that thread through the relationship with his parents, his amorous adventures, socioeconomic difficulties, solidifying friendships, the pursuit of study, maturation their moral principles, ending with his university entrance.

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