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Directed and Written by: Edu Felistoque

Production: Felistoque Filmes

Coproduction: FM Produções

Feature film | Documentary

Status: Em comercialização



Directed by Edu Felistoque, "Badi" observes the personal trajectory and career of the singer, guitarist and composer Badi Assad. From classical to pop, Badi walks through the chambers of the extremely masculine musical universe, along her guitar, reinventing herself and facing the challenges with lightness - including the pressures of belonging to a family of virtuous musicians and his own creative boundaries. Badi turns "lemons into lemonade" with criticism, building her own reconstructions. This gentle and strong woman, with her own creative process and enormous talent, is not afraid to "dive" and win the world without ceasing to be who she is: a simple girl from the interior of São Paulo who values not the strident success, but the simple emotions of art and life.

The film has the participations of Chico César, Toquinho, Yamandú Costa, Naná Vasconcelos, Seu Jorge and other great names in Brazilian and international music.


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