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Directed by: Eryk Rocha

Production: Diogo Dahl

Montagem: Renato Vallone

Sound Design: Edson Secco

Producers Company: Coqueirão Pictures e Aruac Filmes

Coproduction: Canal Brasil e FM Produções

Research: Thiago Brito, Adriana Peixoto y Renato Vallone

Research Consultant: Antonio Venancio

Film Length: 90 min

Feature Film | Documentary


"Cinema Novo" is a documentary that poetically investigates the main latin american cinematic movement, through the thoughts of its main authors: Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Glauber Rocha, Leon Hirszman, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Ruy Guerra, Walter Lima Jr., Paulo César Saraceni, and others.


Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro 2017: Best Documentary and Best Film Editing

FILAF D'Argent - FILAF 2017

Best Documentary at Cannes 2016 (L'oeil D'or - France)

Juri Special Award at SANFIC (Chile)

Brasilia Festival Openning
Colombo de Prata at Huelva Festival (Espanha)
Brazilian Criticism Award, Best Movie of the Year
Among twelve best films of the year by MoMa (New York - EUA)

Estadão newspaper´s list as one of 10 best brazilian films of 2016
Best documentary: Colateral Award, by Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latino-Americano at Havana´s Festival (Cuba)




Thessaloniki Doc. Festival - Greece                                             March 2017

FILAF - Perpingnan                                                                                      June

Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro                                          September



Cannes                                                                                            May 11 - 22

Filmfest Munchen                                                                    June 23 - July 2

French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) - Paris                             July 4

DocMontevideo 2016 - Uruguay                                                  July 20 - 29

20° Festival de Cine de Lima - Peru                                         August 5 - 13

Sanfic - Chile                                                                             August 23 - 28 

MFNF - SPLIT FILM FESTIVAL                                            September 10 - 18

Biarritz                                                                            September 26 - Oct 2

Foruns des Images - Paris                                                           October 4th

Films from the South - Oslo                                                 October 6 -16th

Montreal International Documentary Festival                          Nov 10 - 20

VIII Festival Internacional de Cali - Colombia         November 10th - 14th

Mar Del Plata - Argentina                                              November 18 to 27 

Houston Cinema Arts                                                      November 10 to 17


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