Founded in 2011 by the Producer Fernando Muniz, FM has been participating in Brazilian audiovisual projects of excellence, as well as developing international partnerships. In 2016, gained international prominence by winning L'Oeil D'or, the best documentary at the Cannes Film Festival, with the film Cinema Novo (Brazil, 2016), directed by Eryk Rocha. In its flmography, there are Soundtrack, in co-production with Ananã Produções (Brazil, 2017) and released in United States of America in October 2018; La Tierra Roja (Brazil | Argentina | Belgium, 2017), in co-production with Entre Chien et Loup and Trivial Media; Human Persons, (Brasil | Panamá | Colômbia, 2018), in co-production with Garra Produciones. Besides, Fernando is an associated producer of The Great Mystic Circus, directed by Carlos Diegues, a co-production between Brazil, Portugal and France (2018). 


- HUMANPERSONS (Brazil | Panama | Colombia | 2018) Directed by: Frank Spano. Cast: William Kalinak and Roberto Birindelli

- HOME TEAM (Brasil | Uruguay, 2018) Directed by: Carlos Morelli. Winner of 3 awards in Guadalajara Constructs 32 ° FICG. Release 2018.

- CINEMA NOVO (Brazil, 2016) Directed by: Erik Rocha, Winner of best documentary at  Festival de Cannes 2016.

- SOUNDTRACK (Brazil, 2017) Directed by: Bernardo Dutra and Felipe Manitou, with Selton Mello, Seu Jorge and Ralph Ineson.

- THE RED LAND (Brazil | Argentina | Belgium, 2017) Directed by: Diego Martinez Vignatti, with Geert Van Rampelberg, Eugenia Ramírez Miori, Hector Bordoni. Distribution: Imovivision.

- THE GREAT MYSTICAL CIRCUS (Brazil | Portugal | France, 2018) Directed by: Cacá Diegues. With: Vincent Cassel, Antonio Fagundes e Jesuíta Barbosa. Production by: LUZ MÁGICA. Associated Production: FM Produções.

- VENICE (Brazil / Uruguay, 2019) Directed by: Miguel Falabella. With: Eduardo Moscovis, Carmem Maura and Dira Paes. Production by: Ananã Produções. Coproduction: FM Produções and Globo Filmes.


- WHEN I WON’T BE (Brazil |Argentina) Cast: Mercedes Moran. Script by: Maria Laura Gargarella. Production by: FM Produções.

- A DAMA (Brazil, 2018) Directed by:  Cacá Diegues. Production by: Luz Mágica. Coproduction: FM Produções.

- CLAMOUR (Brasil l Chile). Directed by: Malu de Martino. Production: FM Produções. 

- LOS MIGUELES (Brazil l Argentina). Directed by: Luciano Quilici. Production: FM Produções. Coproduction: Rosalía Ortiz. Associated production by: Panda Filmes.

- GAUGUIN & CANAL ( Panama l Brazil l Spain l Argentina). Directed by: Frank Spano. Production: Garra Producciones. Coproduction: FM Produções, 16:9.



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