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Founded in 2011 by the Producer Fernando Muniz, FM Produções has been participating in Brazilian audiovisual projects of excellence, as well as developing international partnerships. FM PRODUÇÕES, in addition to producing contents for cinema and TV, from 2013 onwards also began to act as a distributor launching the film Réquiem for Laura Martin. In 2014 FM co-produced with Argentina and Belgium the feature film LA TIERRA ROJA, directed by Diego Martinez Vignatti, presented at the European Film Market of the Berlin Festival.

FM Produções achieved international prominence by co-producing the documentary CINEMA NOVO, by Eryk Rocha, awarded as Best Documentary at the CANNES FESTIVAL in 2016.


In 2017 FM launched in Brazil and the USA the film SOUNDTRACK with Selton Mello, Seu Jorge and Ralph Ineson. In 2018 FM Produções joined as associate producer THE GREAT MYTHICAL CIRCUS, directed by Cacá Diegues. The film was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and represented Brazil to compete for an Oscar seat. In 2019 launched the binational feature engaging Brazil and Uruguay. In 2020 FM are going to launch their co-production VENICE directed by Miguel Falabella and starring by Carmen Maura, Dira Paes, Eduardo Moscovis, Carol Castro, André Mattos and Danielle Winits. Also for 2020, HUMAN PERSONS, a co-production with Brazil, Spain, Colombia and Panama.

In 2020, his co-production LUZ NOS TÓPICOS, directed by Paula Gaitán, was at the Berlin Film Festival, won the award for Best Ibero-American Film at the Lima Festival in Peru and Best Film at the Olhar de Cinema Festival in Curitiba.

Currently, FM is headquartered in Lisbon, producing contents and dedicating itself to sales and distribution for Latin American markets.


- HUMANPERSONS (Brazil | Panama | Colombia | 2018) Directed by: Frank Spano. Cast: William Kalinak and Roberto Birindelli

- MI MUNDIAL (Brasil | Uruguay, 2018) Directed by: Carlos Morelli. Winner of 3 awards in Guadalajara Constructs 32 ° FICG. Release 2018.

- CINEMA NOVO (Brazil, 2016) Directed by: Erik Rocha, Winner of best documentary at  Festival de Cannes 2016.

- SOUNDTRACK (Brazil, 2017) Directed by: Bernardo Dutra and Felipe Manitou, with Selton Mello, Seu Jorge and Ralph Ineson.

- THE RED LAND (Brazil | Argentina | Belgium, 2017) Directed by: Diego Martinez Vignatti, with Geert Van Rampelberg, Eugenia Ramírez Miori, Hector Bordoni. Distribution: Imovivision.

- THE GREAT MYSTICAL CIRCUS (Brazil | Portugal | France, 2018) Directed by: Cacá Diegues. With: Vincent Cassel, Antonio Fagundes and Jesuíta Barbosa. Production by: LUZ MÁGICA. Associated Production: FM Produções.

- VENICE (Brazil / Uruguay, 2019) Directed by: Miguel Falabella. With: Eduardo Moscovis, Carmem Maura and Dira Paes. Production by: Ananã Produções. Coproduction: FM Produções and Globo Filmes.

- LIGHT IN THE TROPICS (Brazil 2020) Directed by Paula Gaitán. Cast: Carloto Cotta, Clara Choveaux, Kanu Kuikuro, Maíra Senise, Begê Muniz, Arrigo Barnabé. FM (associated producer)


- GAUGUIN & CANAL ( Panama l Brazil l Spain l Argentina). Directed by: Frank Spano. Production: Garra Producciones. Coproduction: FM Produções, 16:9.

- CURFEW (Brazil/Peru/Spain) directed by Rodolfo Pereira. Cast: Henry Ian Cusick, Magarita Rosa de Francisco, Carol Castro and Carolina Virguez.

- WHEN I WON’T BE (Brazil |Argentina) Cast: Mercedes Moran. Script by: Maria Laura Gargarella. Production by: FM Produções.

- CLAMOUR (Brasil l Chile). Directed by: Malu de Martino. Production: FM Produções. 

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