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Written by: FM Creators

Treatment by: Carol Fazu, Marcélli OLiveira, Rafael Dugrin, Vinnicius Morais, Jackson Zambelli


Getting married or buying a bike?
Live a great love or the desire for freedom?
Realize the dream of being a father or the one of being a champion?
Everyday we make small choices, but the big ones make us going crazy. Here is David's dilemma: marry Livia, the woman he loves and who has just lost a child of him, or buy a bicycle and go to Italy to realize the great desire to participate in the competition Giro d'Italia?
Our story shows the two paths followed by David. We know the one who goes and the one who stays, David who marries and who buys the bicycle.
No decision is guaranteed, no route guarantees happiness, in every way there will be lost and there will be won. In our choices we are all like David: for this or that way?
In "I don't know if I marry or buy a bicycle" the spectator is invited to share the conflicts, confusion and joys of both trajectories.

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