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Directed by: Paulo Duarte | General Director: Hsu Chien

Production: FM Produções e DMCA

Executive Producer: Karla Fassini

Screenwriters: André Di Mauro, Breno Guimarães, Rafael Dugrin, Marcos Fassini, Nina Góes, Vinnicius Morais.

Elenco: André Di Mauro, Liége Müller, Fernando Muniz, Breno Guimarães

8-Episode Fiction Series | 48 min.

Status: Under Development



The Computer Crimes Commissariat team investigates cybercrimes in Rio de Janeiro, its biggest challenge is to solve the murder of Leonardo Sartori, Brazil's greatest authority on computer security and systems, but they finally discover that his death was a blow caused by Leonardo himself is actually the skilled hacker, 1NV1S1V3L, who is behind most of the cybercrimes investigated by the DCI team. 

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