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Directed by: Jose Joffily and Roberto Bomtempo.

Production: Camisa Listrada

Cast: Roberto Bomtempo, Miriam Freeland, Chico Pelúcio, Eduardo Moreira, Mario Cezar Camargo.

Distribution: FM Produções
Duration: 70 minutes

Feature Film | Drama



After 13 years of marriage, Silvia and Lucio decide to separate. Their last night under the same roof is marked by incriminations, revelations and also by the memories of a couple so much in love in the past that, for their perfect understanding, could  be compared as ‘hand in glove’. During this long last night, the once perfect couple faces moments of anger, lyricism and humor, and live the dilemma of so many people deeply in love: they cannot live together, but they can´t live apart either. 


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