Directed by: Frank Spano
Screenplay: Frank Spano and Pedro García Ríos
Producers: Frank Spano, Beto Rodrigues, Fernando Muniz, Cesar Mártinez. 
Production Companies: Garra Producciones, Panda Filmes, FM Producoes, Dexiderius Producciones.
Cast: Luis Fernandez, Robin Duran, William Kalinak, Alex O’Dogherty, Ramiro Meneses, María Cecilia Sánchez, Roberto Birindelli, Fernando Muniz, Mimi Lazo, Ana Maria Perez, Robert O’Neill Jr.
Panama | Brazil | Spain
Film Length: 93 min
Feature film |
Thriller | Drama
Status: Looking for an international distributor and pre-sale


James is an immigrant who has lived in Rapid City, South Dakota, for 30 years. His successful criminal career has earned him respect within his faction. His next endeavor is the delicated task of getting a human liver for a high-ranking client. He finds it difficult to carry out this task in the United States and then decides to return to his hometown in Medellin, Colombia, where he relives and confronts memories of his own past.



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