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Director: Ricky Piterbarg
Script: Ricky Piterbarg, Vanina Sierra, Paula Pasnansky
Production: Ricky Piterbarg, Pablo Ratto, Juan Sebastian Piterbarg, Elba Varetto, Stella Giaquinto
Cast: Elenco del Grupo De Teatro Catalinas Sur, Nino Mato, Dante Baldini (father), Mario Mahler, Dante Baldini (son), Martin Casalongue, Juan Baldini, Natasha Piterbarg, Giulietta Baldini (girl).
Special Guest:  Víctor Hugo Morales

Duration: 95 minutos 

Feature Film 


Residents of the Catalinas community gather to think about a movie of their history. The members of the Catalinas Sur Theater Group are preparing to present their already classic show "Come From Far Away" in the square of the neighborhood. We Came From Far Away, the movie, erases the boundary between documentary and fiction, past and present meet and, among memories, songs, puppets and period costumes, the stories of at least three generations of Italians, Galicians and Jews (that unite grandparents, children and grandchildren) emerge, marked by migration and united over time by their entrepreneurial, solidarity and community.


27th Mar del Plata international Film Festival 2012

31th FCIU International Film Festival of Uruguay

29th Chicago Latin Film Festival

Visions du Réel DOC International Market - Nyon/Suíça


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