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Directed by / Cinematography: Daniel Leite 
Screenplay: Daniel Leite, Robson Dias 
Production Company: Domang Filmes

Produced by: Daniel Leite, Luca Rossi
Editing: Robson Dias 
Music: Mauricio Pacheco, Gui Gautreaux




A deep dive into a new world filled with rites, music, magic, secrets, fascinating images and testimonials of real characters, who try to survive and maintain their traditions amid a civil war and the reality of the smuggling of goods. In the heart of Casamansa (southern Senegal), a small Muslim village becomes a kind of mystical island, protected by religious guides, the Marabou, and by the sound of drums that ignite the fire and dictate the fate of an uncertain future, in which mysticism is the only protective shield.


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