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Directed by: Márcio Trigo
Script: Márcio Trigo
Production: FM Produções
Production Co: Visom Digital
Cast: Felipe Martins, Bianca Byington, Roney Villela, Roberto Bataglin, Tião D'Ávila, André Di Mauro, Roberto Bomtempo
Series in 13 episodes
Children and Youth
Status: Project under development


João is a member of a traditional family of alchemists. To the displeasure of the grandfathers Filolal, president of the AAA-Alternative Association of Alchemists, the boy prefers to play to dedicate itself to the studies and to the investigation on the elixir of the long life. From his games, always next to the inseparable friend Matias, very useful inventions come to humanity. When the other alchemists discover one of their inventions, the child becomes tested to join the association. It is not easy, because Trimegistus, greedy and unscrupulous alchemist, helped by Ardrúzio, his assistant, will not try to describe the child and fill the vacancy of his grandfather, the president of the Association. To the plot, they will join Morgana, the only woman to be accepted into the Association, and her daughter, Silvana, and all together unmask the villain.

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