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Directed by: Carlos Morelli 

Produced by: Lucia Gaviglio Salkind

Plot: Carlos Morelli, Martín Salinas

Distribution: Bretz Filmes

Co-distribution: FM Produções

Cast: Facundo Campello, Candelaria Rienzi, Veronica Perrota, Nestor Guzzini, César Troncoso, Roney Villela

Duration: 95 minutos  

Feature Film 


Tito, a boy who lives in Colonia, Uruguay, has a natural talent for football. The news of his skill attracts a representative from the capital, who offers him a contract that can take him and his family out of poverty. The training requirement makes him drop out of school and Tito fails to see football as fun to face the responsibilities of the adult world too early. When Tito is one step away from getting a contract with Santos, Brazil, his dream is broken into a thousand pieces and he must return to the village to start again, face a great challenge and seek to be a true champion.
The story of Tito Torres transcends geographic boundaries, this prodigious kid could easily be a Texas baseball player or a Belgian violinist. The human story behind the football tales makes My World Cup a universal film.


Wiiner of three prizes at 2017 Guadalajara Construye - 32° Guadalajara International Film Festival

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