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Production: FM Produções and Inteligência Audiovisual

Cast: Cristina Flores, Danielle Niño, Hedla Lopes, Letíciaa Isnard, Antonio Fragoso, Lucas Domso, Otto Jr., Lorena da Silva e Patrícia Araujo.   

​Pilot finalized.

TV series | Comedy 


Claudinha, Bia, and Camila, three young women in their thirties, reunite at an old friends´ wedding party. Slow to let their guard down the women talk only of the good times. But as the evening turns to night and the party picks up, they open up to one another with the help of a few drinks. They eventually discover that, coincidentally, all three of them were abandoned by their partners, an bond together to devise a plan to get back at those who betrayed them.


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