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Directed by: Luiz Rangel and Paulo Duarte

Producer: Amazonas Filmes, LCR Imagem Produtora, Reza Bava Filmes, AGAUVI and PopLab FilmWorks

Screenplay: Paulo Duarte

Cast: Anselmo Vasconcellos, Claudia Alencar and Ana Paula Serpa

Guest cast: Carlo Mossy and Luciano Szafir

With participation of: Fernando Muniz, Thaiane Estauber and Michele Hayashi  
Sales Management: Fernando Muniz

Distribution: FM Produções
FIlm Length: 105 min

Feature Film |Fiction| Drama




The film tells the story of a extremely famous, rich and talented maestro, who is sharing his obsession for the music with an unhealthy love for his muse Laura Martin, a woman of exuberant beauty, musician of great talent, responsible for the transcription of all the composer trades. A strange love triangle is formed between Maestro, Laura and Rachel, his wife: a devoted woman with a strong temperament, who ends up accepting the situation to not lose permanently her husband. The story takes place during the process of creation of the newest and perhaps the last work of the composer. The implacable fate leads the maestro down to a dark road of his own mind, establishing a morbid plan and a sinister pact with his muse, to stick together through music, forever.


Saint Tropez International Film Festival 2013: Best Feature Film and Best Producer Nominations  

Madrid International Film Festival 2012: Best soundtrack

National Film Festival of Petropolis: Best Director - Luiz Rangel and Paulo Wenceslau Duarte

Protagonist Best Actress - Claudia Alencar

Maringá Film Festival 2012: Best soundtrack ​


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