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Director: Juliana Reis

Cast:  Babu Santana, Caco Ciocler, Cristina Amadeo, Dedina Bernardelli, Gustavo Machado, Igor Rickli.

Internationl distribution in collaboration with Amelia Rebello


The story of a photographer involved in a situation of common violence, in which he doesn’t know whether he is victim, witness or accomplice. A tense plot, attempting to capture one moment in a man’s life – or the entire Brazilian contemporary society.


Henrique has his camera stolen by two armed motor-bikers who get hit by a self-appointed avenger’s truck. Back at the crash site to find his memory card, the police find him suspect of being the criminal who failed to rescue the victim - his aggressor. His whole night is an attempt to clear himself.


Rio de Janeiro IFF 2012 - Première Brazil (Redentor Trophy for Best photography, best editing, best supporting actor)
BAFICI (Buenos Aires) 2013 Panorama


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