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Written and Directed by: Marcelo Ernandez

Produced by: FM Produções

Film Editing and Videographism: Priscila Bittencourt

Research Team: Arthur Seidel, Bruno Baptista Lima, Flor Castilhos, Gabriel Pereira Diniz, Hyldalice de Andrade, Kita Pedroza, Larissa Amorim, Larissa Armstrong, Maria Gabriela Monteiro, Marcelo Ernandez, Paulo Filgueiras, Priscila Bittencourt, Rafaela Paula da Silva, Livia Moreira de Alcântara

Production sound: Bruno Baptista Lima, Gabriel Pereira Diniz, Hyldalice de Andrade, Larissa Armstrong, Marcelo Ernandez, Priscila Bittencourt

Postproduction: Cajamanga

Postproduction coordinator: Ilana Paterman Brasil



Media in Motion is a feature length documentary that discusses the democratization of information in Brazil. Between 2013 and 2015, a period of intense social mobilization, researchers from Dialogic Communication Laboratory of University of Rio de Janeiro - UERJ (LCD-UERJ) followed seven groups of community / alternative media in the metropolitan zone of Rio de Janeiro, with the contributions, challenges, conflicts and contradictions that drive their work.

The film portrays Edson Guedes and his work on Radio Resistance in Realengo; Maré de Notícias Journal, important vehicle for community communication in Complexo da Maré; Ninja Media, which stood out for streaming of the mobilizations that occurred in that period; the newspaper New Democracy, which comes online in 2010 and is noted for coverage of other removals and, from 2013, gained great popularity; Camila Jourdan, developing youth and adult education projects in Mangueira and Providência favelas, one of the 23 arrested and processed on the eve of the final of the World Cup; Projetação Collective, which operates through the projection of images and texts in social mobilizations; Mariachi Collective, which has been standing out in the production of videos on major social issues that afflict us; and Enraizados Movement, which operates in Nova Iguaçu, Baixada Fluminense, promoting, through the hip hop language, the formation of hundreds of young people with few recreational options in their localities.
The film also creates a study of the links between research and the groups surveyed, presenting the own team development process.



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