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Directed by: Edu Felistoque

Production: FM Produções

Executive Production: Fernando Muniz

Cast: Irandhir Santos, Dira Paes, Osmar Prado, Isabel Fillardis, Bárbara Colen.

Screenwritter:: Rogério de  Moura, Paulo Wenceslau Duarte

Co-writters: Carol Fazu, Victor Navas, Fernando Muniz, Edu Felistoque

Length: 100 minutos 
Feature Film | Drama 

Status: Under Development


The Dream Collector is a feature-length film based on the life of José Luiz Zagati, ex-shoemaker, ex-alcooholic, ex-bricklayer and ex-paper picker who worked as a cultural producer. His history caught the attention of the Brazilian and foreign media due to his passion and fight for the cinema. From a humble background, from childhood he pursued his great dream of working with the seventh art, becoming the owner of a small theatre, the Mini Cine Tupy - built in the garage of the house with recycled garbage material - where he exhibited films for the population of the periphery of his city, Taboão da Serra (SP).

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