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Directed by: Diego Martinez Vignatti

Produced by: Trivial Media e Entre Chien & Loup

Coproduction: Panda Filmes

Associate Producer: FM Produções

Distribuição: Imovision

Cast: Diego Martinez Vignatti, Jalil Lespert, Eugenia Ramirez Miori 
Film Length: 100 min.

Feature Film | Drama


In Misiones, Pierre is sent by a multinational company to manage forest cuts and pine plantations. He has no qualms and brings the trees down, burns and spills agrochemicals in this fertile land to improve his company’s performance. But, cases of malformed babies, cancers and mentally ill children are rising because of the use of those same agrochemicals.  As a complain movement rises and spreads through the local population, Pierre must face desertions among his own workers and the rage of his beloved Ana, a young activist teacher who takes up the cause of the population.

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